Today I got in a workout with my hoomies (hooman roomies) at Cottage Grove Park! I love this park—it’s right between the Heights and the Washington Corridor. There’s lots of grass to run through, tall, shady trees, a covered basketball court, and playground equipment for kids! For me and my hoomies, it’s close to home, so it’s the perfect workout spot!

It’s pretty inspirational living with two professional athletes—@islandninja and @nolimitsnate . We always work on reaching our goals together!

My goal? To catch the frisbee every.single.time. I’m close, and practice makes perfect. My hoomies help me reach my goal by playing with me. @islandninja and @nolimitsnate have both competed in American Ninja Warrior! (That’s right… my hoomies are ninjas!)

@islandninja is a seven-time competitor on American Ninja Warrior and also a brand ambassador for Ten Thousand.

@nolimitsnate Is seven-time competitor on American Ninja Warrior and also the champion of Exalton Estados Unidos. His mentorship ministry called IllumiNATE teaches about biblical endurance.

For both their competitions and for my frisbee, speed, agility, technique, and strength are essential. I know they need my support to do their best just like I need them to reach my goal of catching the frisbee every.single.time. We’re better together!

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