When I ride with my head out the window, I can smell all my favorite Houston Heights things. I can smell the tacos and fresh ice cream cones being made on 19th street. It’s exhilarating to sniff at all the joggers on the hike and bike trail off of 6th to see where they’ve been. There’s a distinct scent of historic trees and houses around Cortland Street. The hustle and bustle of brunch and happy hour on White Oak drive always smells like the weekend to me.

But some of my favorite new memories come to mind when I smell the air at MKT! Today, I got to go with my hooman to the Sunset Market at MKT! They call it the “Feel Good Market,” because the food, the musicians, artisan goods, and interactive activities are all real mood-boosters!

MKT is a new mix-used space designed to integrate the active lifestyle and urban amenities of the Houston Heights. The vibes are bright and cheerful at MKT. The new stores and restaurants are some of the best new spots to dine and shop in the Heights area. Lots of the friends we meet at the market see the attractions and smell the delicious food while exercising on the hike and bike trail and come over to explore!

Citizen’s Truck is perfect for outdoor events like the like the Sunset Market at MKT. When our old friends see our shiny, blue 1948 Chevy truck, they remember that we’re the go-to vendor for Tenfold coffee, Steel City Pops, and delicious fresh and cold acai bowls. They also remember that 100% of our proceeds benefit local nonprofits.

Come see us and your neighbors at the MKT Sunset market on the third Thursday of every month!

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