Today, I went with my hooman in the Citizens truck and helped to sell our treats at Clay Family Eastern Glades!

Today as we drove down the street, all the people waved at me and my hooman. They were happy to see us, because we were in our Citizens truck—and it’s a 1948 Chevy… (At least I think it is. It smells like a 1948 Chevy!)

When I sniffed pine trees in the air and we turned onto memorial drive. I knew we were going to my favorite park: Memorial Park Clay Family Eastern Glades. It was time to make some new friends! We parked our truck, and lots of joggers and families on walks stopped to watch while we set up. I sat. down an admired the scenic view and relished the sights and sounds.

Clay Family Eastern Glades is a new part of Memorial Park Conservancy. It has a beautiful view of Hines Lake, which reflects the native trees. There’s a board walk, a footpath that connects to the running trail, and picnic tables under a canopy of café lights. This new part of the park was made possible by the Kinder Foundation, and it honors and preserves the history and ecosystems of Houston!

Everyone loves when we bring our truck to their parks, businesses, and markets with our truck, because we sell healthy and delicious acai bowls. We are also a wholesaler for Steel City Pops. And we serve Tenfold Coffee, which is the best coffee roastery in Houston… (At least I think it is. It smells like the best coffee roastery in Houston!)

For us, it’s always been about people. That’s why 100% of all proceeds go to supporting local nonprofits! We also love benefitting local vendors by using their goods to make our treats to sell. These are two ways we are supporting citizens of Houston.

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