December 4, 2021


It’s my favorite day! It’s National Cookie Day! I don’t mean dog biscuits, because those are great, but they pale in comparison to hooman cookies…especially Pudgy’s Fine Cookies. The team at Pudgy’s is committed to the value of homemade, crafted, quality baked goods. Is there anything better in the world that a thick, chewy cookie that’s made from fresh ingredients? Is there any better smell?

Because it’s national cookie day, I get to go with my hooman to Pudgy’s food truck! It’s one of my favorite places to visit. (Dogs love supporting local small businesses! We know how to sniff out the best ones!) Pudgy’s also delivers nationwide, so you can celebrate National Cookie Day with your family and friends by sending them a box! It’s like sending them a nice warm hug.

My hooman and I believe in supporting local goods just like Pudgy’s. We use fruit from local farms and products from other Houston small businesses in our Citizens Food Truck. We love sharing quality food, coffee, and tea, and we take pride knowing that the proceeds from the treats we sell from the Citizens truck go to local nonprofits.

Being citizens of Houston means sharing goodness with our neighbors and supporting the diverse experiences we all benefit from. Houston is a city of resilient and ambitious people—and our neighbors are why my hooman and I do what we do. Every day that we park our truck on street corner or parking lot in Houston, we are making an effort to be better citizens and to love our neighbors! We’re glad to know we share this vision with Pudgy’s Fine Cookies!

If you want to share the love of quality local food, come visit me and my hooman at the Citizens truck and then treat yourself to some Pudgy’s Fine Cookies!

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